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best yoga mat carrier reviews 2021

Best yoga mat carrier is hard to find but not impossible. If you do the research correctly before buying any product, read reviews, and compare different products, then it is no doubt that you would surely find one. In this article, I have listed the four best yoga mat carriers for you that are tailored perfectly according to your needs.

4 Best Yoga Mat Carriers Reviewed!

In this section, we reviewed 4 of the best yoga mat carriers for you. What are those? Let’s see the list:

Ewedoos Best Yoga Mat Carrier With Large Size Pockets 

Are you that type of person who is so organized and wants everything to be in place? Then this bag might be the best one for you. It comes with two additional pockets along with a pocket for your mat. It’s one pocket is large enough so you can put your water bottle and towel in it while the other pocket is small in which you can put your other small accessories such as keys, wallet, and cell phone so it’s a perfect choice for you, and you would be happy to buy it.

Ewedoos best yoga mat carrier with large size pockets
It’s a multipurpose bag. You can use it as a yoga bag, shopping bag, or diaper bag. It has gender-neutral color. So it can be used in so many ways. In short, it’s worth your money. It is a super practical and best carrier that you ever had.It has a non-adjustable strap although; it has a long strap which makes it super comfortable for your shoulders. You sometimes want to adjust the length, and this product, unfortunately, lacks this feature.
This one is large enough to carry mats of any size, so you don’t have to worry about tugging your mat while rushing out of your yoga class. It fits every size of mat perfectly, and lots of space still left for your other goodies.
Ewedoos yoga bag is made up of high-quality material with embroidery and has vibrant colors which will lift your mood.
It is washable in machine, so you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty.

Gaiam Bag Backpack That Holds Everything

Gaiam is the most trusted brand when it comes to sports products. This backpack is most trusted and liked by those who carry all the essentials while going outside. It also comes with an adjustable strap, so if you are looking for the best one with additional compartments and adjustable straps, this is the perfect choice for you.

Gaiam bag backpack that holds everything
It has adjustable straps so it won’t hurt your shoulders, and you can adjust it as per your needs.It doesn’t hold its shape when too much stuff is inside. Buttons open up.
Gaiam holds everything backpack has a large compartment where you can stuff your yoga clothes, sneakers, and towel. It contains two additional side pockets, in which you can easily carry water bottles and other essentials. It also has zip pockets where you can put your most valuable stuff such as cell phone, wallet, hands-free, and keys.It cannot hold its shape when too much stuff is inside. Its buttons also get open up.
It has an external mat holder, which is large enough to hold mat of every size. It can hold a maximum of 6mm mat, so if your mat is less than it, don’t worry; it can be adjusted easily in this backpack.It gets unbalance, and because of its external yoga mat sleeve, it hits people, which is annoying.
It has two additional side pockets, making it super practical because you can put your water bottle in it. This yoga backpack is made just perfect for you, keeping in mind all your fitness needs

Indian Craft Castle Best Yoga Mat Carrier

If you are a person who wants to buy a carrier for your yoga mat that should look pretty because you want to look fashionable no matter what, then this bag is the perfect choice for you.  

Indian Craft Castle Yoga Mat Carrier
This vibrant color bag is not used and is 100% new.It is only for the mat does not include any additional pockets for other yoga goodies.
It is made up of 100% pure cotton and is super durable.It is only a bag and does not include the mat. If you want to buy a yoga mat with its carrier then check out the next product.
Its tie and vibrant dye colors make it eye-catching and unique.

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Gaiam Essential Thick Mat With Yoga Mat Carrier

Are you looking to buy a yoga mat with its carrier? Why not buy this multipurpose mat? Gaiam essential yoga mat with yoga mat carrier strap is suitable for all exercises, including yoga and other types of exercises that require lay down. It comes with a strap for holding it, so you don’t have to worry about buying a separate carrier for your yoga mat to carry while going outside. It is also quite reasonable, so why not buy something that is so much useful, cheap, multipurpose, super comfortable, and easy to carry?

Gaiam essential thick mat with yoga mat carrier
It is 2/5 inches thick, which makes it best for people who suffer from joint pain and need extra relaxation.It has a toxic smell that doesn’t go away easily.
It is super soft and comfortable.It is a little bit slippery because of its extra thickness and comfort.
It is a multipurpose mat and is best for all exercises, including yoga, Pilates, and other floor exercises.
It comes in different colors. You are free to choose colors according to your mood, overall color scheme, or your own preferences.
It has a strap carrier which makes it stand out from the other yoga mat products because you don’t have to buy a yoga mat and its carrier separately.

How To Choose The Best One

·         High-quality material

Ensure that it should be made up of high-quality material such as cotton so that your shoulders cannot get hurt. Also, if it would be made up of high-quality material, then it will last longer.

·         Additional compartments

It would be best to choose a yoga mat carrier with the additional compartments to put all your yoga accessories into it and don’t have to carry an additional bag with you.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Q1 Which is the best yoga mat carrier?

Ewedoos is the best one so far.

Q2 My yoga mat is 6mm which yoga mat carrier should I buy?

You should buy a Gaiam bag backpack that holds everything. It can hold mat of 6mm.


It’s frustrating to carry a yoga mat with you when you have to go outside, but if you have the best yoga mat carrier with you, it becomes easy and super comfortable to carry it around.

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