4 Best Yoga Mat Straps Of 2021

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Best yoga mat straps are hard to find when there are lots of brands claiming their straps to be the number 1, but if you compare different products, you would surely find out the best yoga mat straps according to your needs.

4 Best Yoga Mat Straps Reviewed!

In this section, we reviewed 4 of the best yoga mat straps for you. What are those? Let’s see the list:

  1. Manduka Yoga Mat Strap – Suitable For Every Size Mat
  2. Gaiam Yoga Mat Strap Slap Band
  3. Clever Yoga Mat Strap
  4. Gaiam Yoga Mat Carrier

Manduka Yoga Mat Strap – Suitable For Every Size Mat

All of Manduka gym products are great, but this one is awesome. If you are looking for just a strap for your mat to roll it neatly and put aside, then the Manduka yoga mat strap is the perfect choice for you. It is the best yoga mat strap you ever had and comes with the shoulder strap so you can wear it while going outside. In short, it is reasonable, easy to use, and lightweight.

Manduka Yoga Mat Strap
It is made of 100% pure cotton which makes it durable and comfy.It does not hold the mat too tightly.
It holds a mat of every size.
It does not contain any clips, so no noise. It comes with two rectangular rings to throw the strap out of them for tightness.

Gaiam Yoga Mat Strap Slap Band

Are of tired of tugging your yoga mat inside the bag every time or fed up with rolling it manually as whenever you roll it, it gets open? No worries when you have a Gaiam Yoga mat strap. It slaps perfectly around your mat and holds it tightly, so it becomes effortless to put your mat aside after exercise or carrying it outside.

Gaiam Yoga Mat Strap Slap Band
It slaps around the mat perfectly and holds it tightly.If you slap this strap tightly around your mat, it may leave marks on it.
It is super convenient for you if you are a person who likes a neat, easy-to-carry yoga mat strap. It will keep your mat folded neatly.It is a little bit short and may not be suitable for all mat sizes

Clever Yoga Mat Strap

If you are looking to buy the best yoga mat strap that can hold your mat tightly and fit its size perfectly, then a clever yoga mat strap is the perfect choice for you. What makes it best? Its ability to hold almost every mat makes it the best yoga mat strap in the town!

Clever Yoga Mat Strap
It comes in different colors. You may choose any color depending upon your personal preference, liking, and disliking.Its longer length is way too long.
It has two different lengths. One is “66,” and the other is “85”. “66” is perfect for standard size mats and people with normal height. “85” length is perfect for you if your mat is extra thick, you want to add two mats, and if you are tall, you can perfectly wear it on your shoulder or cross-chest. It has two loops on both of its ends that are adjustable.
It is made up of 100% pure cotton, making it lightweight, comfy, and super durable. You can also machine wash it.
Clever yoga company offers you 100%money back guarantee, so if this product doesn’t suit your mat best, you can easily return it.
They have excellent customer support that responds quickly and does every possible thing to satisfy their customers.

Gaiam Yoga Mat Carrier

Are you looking for the best yoga mat strap with a little pocket for keeping your small yoga accessories in it? I love all of Gaiam’s products, but this one is amazing. It fits almost every size of the mat.

Gaiam Yoga Mat Carrier
Gaiam on the go yoga mat carrier is available in 3 pretty colors, so you have enough choice to match straps with your mat color.The shoulder straps are a little bit thin.
It is made up of pure cotton, making it easy to carry, comfy, and super durable. It is machine washable.
It holds almost every size of mat perfectly.
What makes it stand out from the rest of the straps is its little pocket in which you can put your gym membership card, lip balm, or keys.

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How To Choose The Best Yoga Mat Straps


Choose a strap that should be durable and made up of high-quality material such as cotton and polyester.


Buy a strap that is light for your shoulders and you won’t get tired.


It should be thick enough to carry your heavy yoga mat.


It should come with adjustable loops so that you can adjust it according to your mat size and personal preference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q1: Which is the best yoga mat strap?

Clever Yoga mat straps are the best one.

Q2: My mat is large and thick. Which mat strap should I buy?

It would help if you bought a clever yoga mat strap because it comes in 2 different sizes that fit most mat sizes.

Q3: I want a strap with a pocket for putting my small yoga accessories in it.

Check Gaiam yoga mat carrier. It has a strap with a little pocket in which you can put your small yoga accessories.

Q4: Which yoga mat strap holds the mat tightly?

Mat strap slap band by Gaiam yoga will hold your matt tight.

Q5: Yoga mat strap or yoga mat bag, which is the best?

A yoga mat strap is the best if you want to roll your mat nicely and carry it around, but if you want to put all your yoga accessories in one place, you should buy a yoga mat carrier/bag.


To wrap it out, carrying a thick mat strap or rolling it neatly after yoga is a lot of struggle, and if you are a person who doesn’t like keeping a yoga mat bag and prefers just a strap, then I hope these 4 best yoga mat straps would be helpful for you.

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