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Best yoga pillow is so much crucial for relaxation, meditation, and yoga. You can’t imagine doing yoga without having a good yoga pillow it is hard to find the best yoga pillow though but not impossible. If you do the research correctly before buying any product, read reviews, and compare different products then it has no doubt that you would surely find one. In this article, I have listed the 4 best yoga pillows for you that are tailored perfectly according to your needs.

4 Best Yoga Pillow Reviewed!

What are those? Let’s check the list:

  1. Bean Products Yoga Pillow/Bolster
  2. Peach Blossom Yoga Meditation Back Bolster
  3. Peach Blossom Yoga’s 3 Piece Meditation Kit
  4. Gaiam Yoga Bolster – Meditation Pillow

Bean Products Yoga Pillow/Bolster

Are you looking for a best yoga pillow that can provide that extra support to your back? Yoga Bolster by Bean products is the best choice. It comes in 3 different shapes and is suitable for yoga, different bent exercises, and relaxation.

Bean Products Yoga Pillow
This yoga bolster is designed by professional yogis.Cover seems hard to change so it would be better to put pillow case on it for cleanliness.
It comes in 3 different shapes: Round, rectangular, Pranayama. Round bolster is great for relaxation and chest opening. Rectangular bolster is best for different bent yoga positions and opening up chest. Pranayama shape is perfect for breathing exercises, inhalation, and chest expansion.
It is made up of 3 different fabrics: Cotton, Hemp, and vinyl.
Also great for monthly period cramps.
This bolster is sturdy, gives excellent support to the back, and is not too soft.

Peach Blossom Yoga Meditation Back Bolster – Yoga Pillow

Are you looking for a yoga pillow with a removable cover? Then check out peach blossom’s yoga pillow. It is sturdy and super comfortable best for doing yoga, meditation, and other bent on exercises. It also comes with a zipper removable cover.

Yoga Meditation Back Bolster
It has a removable cover with a zipper for washing purposes.It is 18 inches long which is a little too small.
It is filled with fiber which relieves back pressure and provides relaxation.
The polycotton cover is also super soft and comfy.
Works well with the eye and neck pillow in order to relieve all day stress.

Peach Blossom Yoga’s 3 Piece Meditation Kit

Do you want a complete yoga relaxation package that can wash away all your stress? You might be planning to buy an eye pillow, neck pillow, and back pillow separately to treat yourself but it goes out o your budget and completely gives up the idea of buying them. Check out the peach blossom yoga meditation kit it includes all three pillows at the lowest rate which is too good to be true.

Peach Blossom Yoga’s 3 Piece Meditation Kit
This three-piece kit is perfect for relaxation, meditation, and yoga.The eye pillow is slightly big.
It includes an eye pillow, neck pillow, and back pillow. Its eye pillow and neck pillow are filled with buckwheat which removes toxins and provides ultra relaxation. Its back pillow is filled with fiber which keeps your back firm and relaxed.
It has a poly-cotton cover. Since its zipper is hidden, you can easily remove it for washing. Its poly cotton material makes it super soft and comfy.

Gaiam Best Yoga Pillow – Meditation Pillow

Give that extra support and relaxation that your back needs during yoga practices with Gaiam yoga meditation bolster. It is filled with 100% natural bidding. It has a sturdy strap for transporting your pillow hassle-free.

Gaiam Yoga Bolster Rectangular Meditation Pillow

Let’s check out our detailed coverage of Best Yoga Bolster reviews in 2021! It might be helpful to you.

It is filled with 100% natural cotton bidding which makes it super comfortable and sturdy for yoga, meditation, and relaxation.It is a bit lumpy.
It has a 100% pure polyester cover.  The cover is removable and you can easily remove and toss it into the washing machine for a clean, germ-free, safe yoga experience.
It has a sturdy strap for easy transportation of this yoga pillow from here and there which makes this exceptionally great.

How To Choose Best Yoga Pillow in 2021


You should look for a pillow that is firm and not too soft so that your back can be much relaxed and not get painful while doing yoga.

Natural filling

It should be filled with the natural toxin free material such as buckwheat or cotton.

Removable cover         

It should have a removable cover preferably with the zipper so that you can remove it easily for washing.

Handle strap            

Preferably, it should contain a handle strap so you can easily hold it while going outside and it can become a lot easier to put it aside after doing yoga.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q1: Which is the best yoga pillow?

Bean yoga bolster meditation pillow is the best one.

Q2: I want a yoga pillow with a removable cover which one I should buy?

You should buy peach blossom yoga bolster meditation pillow.

Q3: I want to buy eye pillow, neck pillow, and back pillow in reasonable prices can I find one?

You can buy peach blossom 3 in one yoga meditation bolster kit. It contains eye pillow, neck pillow, and back pillow and it is quite reasonable.

Q4: Are these pillows sturdy?

Yes, these peoples are firm, sturdy, and not too much soft.

Q5. Do these pillows relieve back pain?

Yes, they are really great for relaxation and pain relief.

Q6: Which yoga pillow is better to relieve back pain?

Peach blossom yoga meditation back bolster is good for relieving back pain.


You need a sturdy and comfy pillow to relieve stress and back pain. Having a best yoga pillow is so much important for keeping yourself relaxed, calm, and composed while doing yoga. It is hard to find a good brand, reasonable, and best yoga pillow that matches your expectations right away but if you do your research correctly you would surely find one.

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