Yoga Tips: 20 Best Yoga Tips From Experts

Have you decided to start doing yoga but before plunging right into it, you want to look up some of the best yoga tips to help in your yoga journey? In this post, I will be sharing the 20 best yoga tips from experts that will help you in doing yoga more effortlessly and effectively.

20 Best Yoga Tips From Experts

1. Find the best yoga class and teacher. 

Pilin, a yoga instructor, says that it is all about finding the right yoga style according to your body type, and you can easily find it with the help of a good yoga instructor and a class. If you don’t feel like doing yoga yourself or a beginner, then the first yoga tip is to find a good teacher and a yoga class for yourself. Your yoga teacher will recommend yoga poses according to your body structure. If it seems complicated for you, don’t immediately give up, instead try out another yoga class with a new teacher. Don’t go advance suddenly.

2. Wear Comfy Clothes

Wake Yogi, the founder of Yoga Body secret, says that “I wear clothes that make me feel and look good.”

Wear comfortable yoga clothes you can wear long legging with a t-shirt but sports. Avoid wearing a sports bra because you have to stay on your stomach or back in yoga, so wearing a sports bra with hooks won’t be comfortable for you. Wear a stretchable material that will allow you to move freely. Also, choose a fabric that absorbs sweat.

3. Wrist Exercises                      

Beth Shaw, a yoga expert, president, and founder of yoga fit says that dogs possess and planks strengthen wrists. Wrist exercises strengthen joint muscles. They are easy to do and take less time. Grab your wrist with your other hand and roll your wrist inward and outward. It will increase blood flow and will increase the flexibility of your joints

4. Stop When Your Body Aches

I know it is tempting to do few more poses, but it is essential to give your body some rests. Don’t go overboard immediately to hold on to your passion and stop when your body asks for some rest.

5. Avoid Distractions

Leave your cell phone, laptop, and other distractions while doing yoga. Avoid thinking about other things such as what food you will eat in the diner or about your angry boss because yoga needs entire focus, and by focusing on two things at a time, you might hurt yourself.

6. Get a Sticky Mat For Yourself.

Another essential yoga tip is to buy an excellent sticky mat for you. It will prove to be an excellent investment in you. A sticky yoga mat allows you to do all kinds of yoga poses without getting yourself hurt.

7. Drink Enough Water

Our next yoga tip is drinking enough water. We all know the importance of H20 and how essential it is to stay hydrated while doing yoga. Grab a water bottle with you while doing a yoga class. Drinking enough water will remove toxins from your body and will make you stay fresh.

8. Eat and Drink Less Before Yoga.

Eat light before heading over to your yoga class. Yoga expert Dashama, founder and CEO of Pranashama Yoga Institute, says, “A protein smoothie or power bar is the best to drink before yoga class.”

Avoid eating and drinking at least 2 hours before your yoga class because if your stomach is complete, you won’t feel comfortable doing yoga. But it is also essential not to go to your yoga class with an empty stomach. You can get yourself a light protein smoothie or can eat an apple.

9. Focus On Your Breathing

Our next yoga tip is to inhale and exhale mindfully and focus on your breathing. This will allow you distress and get rid of all negative thoughts. By focusing on your breath, you will feel more calm and relaxed.

10. Warm Up 

Warming up is most important for yoga and workouts both especially if you have begun your yoga journey. Do some warm-ups before heading over to your yoga class.

11. Have a Yoga Routine

It’s essential to have a yoga routine. Dedicate a proper time for your yoga ritual. The best time to does it in the morning, but you can choose whatever suits you. Even if you do it for 10 or 20 minutes, in the beginning, make sure that you dedicate these 20minutes entirely to doing yoga. Do it every day for 20 minutes for some time and when you become comfortable with this routine, you can add in more minutes.

12. The Three R Rule

Have you heard about the three r rule? It is famous for building a new routine. It is breaking your habit into three parts which are:


The first r is a reminder. For yoga, you can set an alarm that will remind you to stay on track.


The second r is setting up a routine by doing it constantly for at least 60 days.


The third r is the reward you will get in the form of consistently forming a routine.

13. Stick To The Schedule

Tessa Jenkins recommends scheduling workouts beforehand. Consistency is the key here to achieve success. Be consistent about your new yoga routine does it every day, no matter you feel like doing it or not. It will be challenging initially, but once you develop a regular yoga routine, it will become effortless.

14. Learn Poses Names

One of interesting yoga tips is to learn yoga names because the next time your teacher will call out the pose’s name; you will start doing it instead of waiting for the teacher to elaborate that step to you.

15. Enrolled In a Beginner Yoga Class

Getting yourself frustrated by joining an advanced level yoga class because you will tempt is not the right idea. Instead, if you are a beginner enrolled in a beginner yoga class. Once you will learn the basic yoga poses you can join the advance class but first let yourself completely use two of the beginner poses.

16. Prepare Everything The Night Before

It is such a general tip and almost everybody knows its importance but as a quick reminder. Prepare everything the night before your yoga classes so the next morning when you don’t feel like going to your yoga classes because you are not prepared you don’t have any valid reason to do that.

17. Ask Your Friends To Join You

When you do something with a bunch of other people it makes you stay committed and ambitious. It also adds an element of competition too. Getting your favorite people involved in what you are doing will make it appear less stressful and will make it enjoyable and fun.

18. Don’t Give Up

Another yoga tip is never giving up! No matter how much distress, anxious and UN ambitious you feel never give up. Do it regularly with consistency unless you will start feeling the positive changes it brings in your life. After some time it will become a routine and doing yoga would become a lot fun and easy to do ritual.

19. Get Some Yoga Accessories

Get some yoga accessories for yourself such as straps, blocks, and yoga blackest. Some of these things your yoga expert will recommend you. Regardless of whether he recommends you or not still having them is so much important.

20. Cut Out Laziness And Stay Patient

Don’t excuse yourself for not going to the yoga class just because you have not seen any apparent results after going for few days. Cut out this laziness and stay patient about the results you will surely start saying them after doing yoga consistently for some time.

Conclusion Of 20 Best Yoga Tips

To wrap up, in this post, we have discussed 20 best yoga tips that are recommended by experts and every yogi does them. I hope you found this post helpful. If you do, kindly leave a comment below or if you want to share some other yoga tips with us kindly do so. We would love to hear back from you.

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