Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster Review


Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster Reviewed If you are into handwoven items, then here is a treat for you. Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster made up of upholstery-grade fabrics, and its firmness helps in maintaining the structure. The cotton cover is machine washable as the cotton is organic, and its color does not fade off […]

Lotuscrafts Yoga Bolster For Yin Yoga Review


Lotuscrafts Yoga Bolster For Yin Yoga – I think you got the idea by the title of this article. Yes! you are absolutely right, this Lotuscraft yoga bolster is especially for Yin Yoga. When it comes to bolster pillows, we all prefer machine-washable products as they do not require a lot of energy or time. […]

Node Fitness Yoga Bolster Review


Why Node Fitness Yoga Bolster may be the best choice for you? In this article of Node Fitness Yoga Bolster Review, you will get all of your answers. Most people prefer organic material for yoga mats and pillows, and what is better than a 100% organic cotton pillow. Node Fitness has introduced a pure cotton yoga […]

Ajna Yoga Bolster Pillow Review


Ajna yoga bolster pillow ensures that you have the comfort and ease while exercising that you never experienced before. It helps your body to surrender completely, and once you are in a comfortable position, your mind surrenders too, and that feeling is fascinating while meditating or doing yoga. It helps you focus and relax by […]

Best Yoga Bolster Review 2021!

Best Yoga Bolster Reviews 2021 Feature Image

Since the last year, people are staying indoors for most of the part. And health is another thing that people are concerned about. Because of staying indoors for a long amount of time, people are becoming more and more health aware than before. This is why yoga and yoga-related products have become important things in a lot […]

Best Yoga Pillow Reviews In 2021

Best Yoga Pillow Feature Image

Best yoga pillow is so much crucial for relaxation, meditation, and yoga. You can’t imagine doing yoga without having a good yoga pillow it is hard to find the best yoga pillow though but not impossible. If you do the research correctly before buying any product, read reviews, and compare different products then it has […]