Ewedoos Yoga Towel Review: Super Soft, Non-Slip Yoga Towel

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A yoga towel is must need Yoga Accessories for every yogi. Already we covered different types of yoga towels review. You can check our Gaiam Yoga Towel Review and Jade Yoga Towel Review. The next yoga towel is being introduced by Ewedoos named ‘Ewedoos Yoga Towel.’ Their items have earned much nontertiary attention inside the media with both “Don’t waste your coins” and Daily Yoga Grind,” giving them gleaming appraisals for their yoga towel and mat’s quality and execution. 

At Ewedoos, we trust. Yoga is training that includes all parts of life, not simply the physical. It incorporates theory, breath, and spirituality. It’s not about touching your toes or can do the most exceptional posture. However, it’s about carrying on with life in a confident manner. It’s about the style in which you approach your life and your general surroundings. 

Ewedoos Yoga Towel
Ewedoos Yoga Towel

Ewedoos is a lifestyle brand that trusts style, well-being, and performance. Since its existence, it has manufactured different types of yoga accessories. Ewedoos Yoga Towel is from one of them. Now see here, why is this towel the most preferred yogis’ choice?


Brand ProducerEwedoos
ColorBlue and Pink Tie Dye
Fabric Specifications100% Microfiber
Size10.3 x 5.3 x 4.2 inches; 15.2 Ounces

The Ewedoos Yoga Towel avoids towel packing mid-work on wiping out the requirement to interrupt and reposition your kit under you with anchor corners. 

This hot pod yoga towel is produced using 100% premium microfibers with a guarantee to retain 5X the quality of standard cotton with a large portion of the drying period. With wet hold, the more your sweat, the better the Ewedoos performs, making it the best decision for force and Bikram yoga.

Having anchor fit corners, this yoga towel is overly delicate and would keep you dry throughout the hot yoga sessions. It is extraordinary for sweat-soaked and challenging practices, like Pilates, and so on.

You can simply take it with you to your yoga center. The towel is accessible in 5 stunning prints, according to varied customer choices. You will welcome it in 5 splash-color shading choices like Peacock, Pacific Blue, Purple, and Teal.

Ewedoos Non Slip Yoga Towel
Ewedoos Non Slip Yoga Towel

Its hook corners support mat connection. Furthermore, it is sweat retentive to help you maintain your balance while you are training and offer a peak soft touch. However, when looking for a towel that can absorb all the sweat and even make a slip-free surface, he should go for this one.

The towel is sufficiently thick to use freely from your mat. Hence, it is the best substitute for traveling. In contrast to numerous others, however, it landed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; that’s why Eweedos are assured in their item’s quality and consistency.

The towel has 182cm x 66cm dimensions. It will give you enough material to fold around your mat, just as it is stylishly satisfying on the eye with a stunning designed structure. Its padding and absorbency make this a highly affordable yoga towel that conveys all that it guarantees.

Even though the sticker price is so cheap, commentators can’t quit raving about the amount they love this towel. Its 100% microfiber supports it to retain multiple times its weight in water and dries far quicker than most different towels.

It means you get a good deal on your energy bill, and there is no possibility of slipping in that sweat-soaked, hot Bikram yoga class. 

Ewedoos Sweat Absorbent Yoga Towel
Ewedoos Sweat Absorbent Yoga Towel

Features of Ewedoos Yoga Towel:

  • It is a great yoga towel and will guarantee that you will love getting it.
  • The towel is thick, retentive, consistent, and washes well without colors dying. 
  • The four pocket corners to get the mat into are incredible, and keep the mat set up.
  • Moreover, this towel gives a clean layer between you and the mat, mainly when using a studio mat.
  • It is the ideal towel to take to your yoga, hot yoga, Bikram class to remain grounded and dry.
  • It is the best towel for those sweat-soaked Bikram activities or hot yoga where you will require an accessory to wipe out your sweat, so you will be adequately dry to remain in place and adjusted on your mat.
  • You easily get your yoga towel to the mat, putting all your consideration back into your yoga exercise, and not really diverting, repositioning, or packing during training.
Ewedoos Yoga Towel Features
This towel comes from a famous and trustworthy brand.The towel will not bundle; that is a typical issue with modest yoga towels.
You can use it for broad practices. At first, you may feel it somewhat sturdy. 
You will welcome it with corner pockets. Some users also consider it much slim and may pull together when used without the mat.
The towel is made of 100% microfiber material. There are also complaints about its limited color variety.
Moreover, it has an anchor fit corner structure. At some point, you may also consider it much more expensive.
It has Moisture-wicking fabric.
The users can easily wash it in a washing machine with other clothes. 
There are four corner pockets on the posterior that holds the mat, and safe the towel set up and avoid grouping. 
is Easily getting your yoga towel to the mat, putting all focus back on your yoga exercise. 
With 72 x 26 size, this hot yoga towel has the ideal size for a wide range of yoga mats. 
Moreover, it is the best yoga mat for traveling when you are away from your home. 
It is much cost-effective as compared to its competitors with the same features. 
Its fast-drying and exciting tie-dye structure make it more unique. 
It has eco-friendly and non-toxic material. 
Moreover, there are silicone cores to avoid slippage.

Instructions to wash Ewedoos Yoga Towel: 

  • Before using, you should lightly spray water on the towel’s upper surface for a firm grip.
  • It is not recommended to use a fabric softener while washing it.
  • It is also not good to iron or tumbles dry.
  • You can wash it in the machine at max 40℃ with like colors.
  • There is no discount from the producers. 
  • Furthermore, the best tip is rinsing the Ewedoos yoga towel with the combination of “soap or vinegar and water. Hence, you will get a brand-new yoga towel.

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