Jade Yoga Towel Review – All You Need To Know

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Why is Jade Yoga Towel the best choice of Yogis? In this article of Jade Yoga Towel Review, you will get all of your answers.

Jade Yoga Towels
Jade Yoga Towels

Run by a former attorney for the U.S. Natural Protection Agency, there is no doubt that making eco-friendly yoga items is the priority of Jade. Our used natural rubber is the most eco-friendly and performs best for the yoga mat and accessories you get.

We are focused on rewarding the earth with each item sold. We aim to leave the earth a preferred place when we discover it. As Jade mats come from trees, we chose to offer back planting a tree for each mat sold. Furthermore, since 2006, through our association with Trees for the Future, we have done precisely that, planting more than One Million trees up until now.

Moreover, through its association with thewaterproject.org, Jade will give one month of clean drinking water for one individual in the world development for each towel sold. Jade Microfiber Yoga Towels are made in the U.S. in agreement with all U.S. natural, work, and customer assurance laws.

 Jade is loyal to making the world’s best performing, most eco-friendly yoga items and rewarding the earth with each sold item. Here in this jade yoga towel review article, we will highlight the characteristics of one of their products, named Jade Microfibre Yoga Towel.

Jade Yoga Towel Specifications

ProducerJade Yoga
Size14 x 24
ColourSlate Blue

Jade’s Microfiber Yoga Towel is the best choice for Hot Yoga. You will enjoy its uses for any other exercise activity, where you sweat a lot, like Pilates. It will also help to ensure the high hold properties of your mat. This microfiber towel is lightweight, soft, and quick-drying.

It is made with polyester microfiber and has 230g in weight. This super absorbent and quick-drying towel will give an extraordinary grasp. Hence, you will get your substantial yoga mat holding, soft and lightweight, simple to carry, and smooth touch while you sweat. This Microfiber mat towel comes with a contrasting weaved Jade Yoga logo at the corner.

Jade Microfiber Yoga Hand Towel Blue
Jade Microfiber Yoga Hand Towel Blue

You may think about better choices accessible for the cost, yet this item is at the top with the best Jade yoga hand towel. This jade yoga towel uses polyester, a recognizable microfiber that most makers like for their items. It is a material that offers high absorbency, soaking around multiple times the towel’s weight.

The color is excellent, precisely like the image, a lovely lilac! It is made utilizing open-cell elastic, giving a better grip to adjust the balance and keep up your hold firm, even during sweating. Scents highly elastic even after airing it for one month. However, if someone needs a slim yet very grippy yoga mat that folds up little for pressing, this could be for you.

As well as being eco-accommodating, Jade mats landed in funny colors and have undeliverable hold and smoothness. You will enjoy its uses for regular exercise and find it best, not just because of its natural rubber but also due to the non-slippery without being tacky.

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  • It is highly absorbent, non-slip, and has fast drying abilities.
  • Jade Yoga towel is one of the preferred choices for hot yoga sessions.
  • This towel fits your Jade mat effortlessly and secures your mat from the sun’s U.V. rays when you exercise outside.
  • You can also avail this towel in various colors like Olive Green, Midnight Blue, Raspberry, Purple, Black, Gray, Slate Blue, and Lavender.
  • Its polyester microfiber will make sure of remarkable absorbance. 
  • Jade Yoga Towel can absorb multiple times their weight and dry very quickly. You will get a protected grasp. 
  • Lay the towel on top of your yoga mat to restrict slipping during sweat-soaked exercises; it will absorb sweat and dries rapidly.
  • Jade Microfiber yoga towel is extraordinary for hot yoga or any activity where you sweat a lot, like Pilates.
  • While buying a single product from Jode, you will get one month of water for free. 
  • It is super-retentive and fast drying.
  • You will get incredible holding support and will feel confident during all types of yoga sessions.
  • This soft and lightweight towel can easily adjust in small bag pockets.
  • Microfiber Yoga Towel will assist you with keeping up grip in your hot yoga practice.
Jade Microfiber Yoga Hand Towel
It is ideal for extraordinary yoga sessions.Some people mentioned that it is not suitable as a hand towel.
It is exceptionally soft and will give you extra relief that doesn’t go undetected during your towel use.The only issue is that the microfiber will, in general, stick to hair or garbage, yet that is something we should suppose from such material.
The relaxed hold is another advantage that we appreciate while cleaning our hands with this towel.
The Polyester structure makes it more unique from its competitors. 
It is durable, soft, and perfect as a hand towel. 


  • Before using, you should wash it to remove loose fibers. 
  • You can wash your towel by absorbing it in a bathtub full of warm water and a thinned gentle cleanser or clothing cleanser. Some of us prefer water and somewhat 200 mL of white vinegar. Ensure that after you soak your towel, you flush it thoroughly to get the entirety of the cleanser out. Otherwise, your mat will be smooth with foamy buildup. 
  • Hang your towel up on the shower curtain bar to dry.
  • Moreover, you can also wash your Jade towel in the washing machine on the delicate cycle as long as you don’t use a fomenter. Ordinary clothing cleansers can be utilized; simply try not to use any oils or harsh abrasives. After it applies the same drying process as discussed above. You should avoid drying it in the machine dryer. 


In this Jade yoga towel review segment, we try to collect and provide all the necessary information. We do proper research before delivering you the buying guide. We do only product reviews! Do not try to sell to you. Don’t get confused; analyze this product’s features, pros, and cons, and then decide this towel worth a purchase or not.

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