Manduka Yoga Towel Review: One of the Best Towel for Yoga Sessions

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Why Manduka Yoga Towel may be the best choice for you? In this blog post of Manduka Yoga Towel Review, you will get all of your answers.

Let’s deep dive into this Manduka Yoga Towel Review:

Manduka feels an obligation to decrease worldwide feasting and make great items that last more. Made with care and devotion, Manduka yoga towels are manufactured with solid materials. Hence, you will have a positive outlook on using their items. The Manduka collection highlights slip-safe hot yoga towels and hand towels. Sweat-stimulated holding makes these the best yoga towels for sweat hands and feet.

The Manduka® microfiber fabric is a recyclable manufactured material. It is designed for execution and toughness. We believe the item to be an eco-cognizant decision when the towel is utilized to its highest potential. Its adaptability erases the requirement for other fitness towels that wear out rapidly. The material will endure endless uses and washes. It can also be repurposed as a multi-utilitarian cleaning fabric if its life as a wellness fabric reaches to end. The packing is made using 100% reused PET material.

Manduka eQua Yoga Towel

Manduka is a well-known brand in the towel industry. They are manufacturing different types of soft towels for multipurpose. Here in this article, we are going to highlight one of the best Yoga Towels. Yoga experts suggested this yoga towel. It has an inventive underside which is fixed with silicone stubs that firmly grasp your mat. 

Hence, it will keep the towel from batching or sliding. Coming in 12 striking styles, you make sure to discover a look you love. Moreover, the brand claims its towel is produced using more than eight reused plastic water bottles to make it a more feasible pick.

Manduka Yoga Towel Review – Best Yoga Mat Towel 2021


Size 6.14 x 3.23 x 2.13 inches; 3.53 Ounces
ColorCosmic Sky
Weight1 pound

The Manduka towels spread over the yoga tangle to give a slip-safe and clean surface. Manduka Yoga Towel has super-spongy, non-slip, and fast-drying qualities. The towel mainly comes in formats of more than 71″ long. It will be the best companion for all kinds of yoga sessions like hot yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. This – a ‘towel forever’ is the ‘future’ in multi-reason towels. 

It is lightweight, extravagant, challenging, and super-absorbent. The Manduka microfibre towel beats conventional cotton or polyester towels. The towel is unique for non-slip and fast drying characteristics. You will enjoy its uses on the mat, at the gym, in regular exercise activities, on a mountain, or the road. It is thicker and unbeatable plusher for significant absorbency and slip-resistance. It is best for any yoga mat to grip sweaty palms and feet. 

The multipurpose Manduka serves as a germ-free gym towel to retain sweat as a reflection wrap. So, you can remain warm during cool sitting activities or as profoundly spongy travel. It is also known as the best climbing towel, which takes up a base measure of packing space. It will give you extra grip on sweat-soaked hands and feet. 

You will enjoy Manduka Yoga Towel used to wipe away your sweat during an exceptional hot yoga class. Its cotton fabrics are amazingly absorbent and simple to clean. The Manduka Yoga Towel is delicate cotton covering which you can use as an alternate for your yoga mat. 

It is a retentive towel to clear your skin from sweat or a defensive obstruction among you and a mutual mat in your yoga class. Estimating at 72 x 26.5 inches, this towel can compete with almost every yoga mat.

Manduka Non Slip Yoga Towel

Its outrageous grip is supported with an extraordinary frog-dab design, which is incorporated directly into the material. This structure guarantees that your towel will not slip and slide while you’re attempting to hold a posture. To increase the holding support, you can spritz the towel with water before use. You can dry this towel on a tumble or just hang it to dry. It is quick-drying, so it will be ready for subsequent use within a few minutes.


  • Manduka towel is best mainly for yoga mats.
  • Its tightly woven filaments deliver a delicate, softened cowhide-based touch.
  • The towel’s “Split” microfiber innovation helps to absorb moisture. It also supports evaporation and wet-grip.
  • You will welcome it with ultra-lightweight and excellent durability.
  • Its Fabric will become slip-resistant when it is moist.
  • The rich quality material will survive after numerous washings. Hence, you will not lose its original color or harm the softness.
  • Its accessibility of 3 lengths 71, 79, and 86 make it the best choice of yogis.
  • This towel is astonishing and worth the price. 
  • The Manduka Hand Towel is the preferred choice for any yogi or fitness expert who wants to work up a sweat.
  • It is also great for the face, body, hands, and feet.
  • It will also help you to wipe the sweat off your brow.
  • Furthermore, this will be the best companion to save you from a dirty mat.

The towel has a built-in frog-dab design for holdThere are some complaints about its bold colors dimming at some first washes
It is easily washable in the washing machine. 
Manduka Yoga Towel has high-speed absorbent fabric material. 
Manduka eQua Quick Drying Yoga Towel

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How to Use and Wash Manduka Yoga Towel? 

To Use: 

  • If you want to upgrade the slip-safe characteristics of its Fabric, you have to spray with water to dampen before each different use. 
  • You should wash Manduka Yoga Towel separately before use. 
  • After a good washing, place it on top of your yoga mat or straightforwardly on the floor while downing the dot-side. 
  • A few professionals start with a dry yogitoes towel. On the other hand, others like to slightly dampen the zones under the hands and feet before they start. 
  • Moreover, when you have done your work, try not to move up moist yogitoes with your mat.

To Wash: 

  • Manduka suggests washing Manduka Yoga Towel with like colors before first use. 
  • You can machine wash on cold with like tones. 
  • To dry, you can hang it or tumble on a low setting. 
  • Dark colors may need different, separate washings to eliminate extra dye. 
  • You should not use bleach. 
  • You should avoid dryer sheets, cleansing agents, or detergents with fabric softener, as they will make the surface of your yogitoes smooth. 
  • Some color misfortune may proceed beyond the first separate washings. Use alert while trying on light mats or light-colored garments.

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