Yoga Design Lab Towel Review: Best Mat for Hot Yoga and Pilates

Yoga Design Lab Towel Review

Yoga Design Lab is a renowned name in the world of Yogis. Today you are going to read our complete Yoga Design Lab Towel Review. Why is the yoga design lab towel at the top of the mat yoga competition? Here is the answer.

When people are searching for a good yoga mat for hot yoga exercise, they may find a variety of products according to their choice. But the preferred option is to pick up a towel with a good grip when sweating.

Chad, the initiator of Yoga Design Lab, after getting inspiration from Bali, decided to design a yoga mat that is not just excellently stylish yet profoundly useful for every one of the different yoga styles. Bali was launching imitative, mass-produced yoga mats. Instantly, he gathered up his packs and moved to Bali to follow his fantasy.

Yoga Design Lab Towel Review

And it is excellent news that he did. You will experience this yoga mat towel for hot yoga and be amazed by its functionality and cool features. 

This towel is the final partner in traveling. It’s a yoga mat and towel in one, removing the requirement to carry both a towel and mat to exercise. It is adjustable when someone prefers to just use the rubber side.

Its upper layer is made of microfiber, while the base is produced using ordinary tree gum. Structured particularly for hot yoga, this towel mixture gets tacky once wet.

In an ocean of standard strong shaded yoga mats, this hangs out in a particularly positive way. You will honestly look forward to carrying it out at the studio. The towel is also known as a “combo mat.” It is a rubber mat attached with an upper layer of great soft spongy microfiber.

Yoga Design Lab Towel Review


ProducerYoga Design Lab
Size9.8 x 3.4 x 2.2 inches
Weight10.6 ounces
ColorAegean Green
Fabric purity100% Microfiber

The towel is lightweight and of a solid structure. Its straps are amazing to adjust on your backs while getting from one stage to another. The adjustable tree base sticks well to the floor. Hence, there is hardly any spinning when you’re progressing all through poses.

It is lightweight and incredible for driving by bicycle. Moreover, it’s long enough for Brandon’s height. This towel appears to hold up well. After various practices without washing it, it will remain like new. The base remaining parts are as sticky to the floor as it is the first run-through.

This towel is reasonable, considering you don’t need to buy an extra adornment for your hot practice. Furthermore, this towel performs best in warmed trials. If someone uses it for a non-warmed class where perspiration chances are slight, he should try to wet it down to avoid slipping.

Yoga Design Lab Lightweight Towel

You can simply wash it in the washing machine. You will welcome it with a free carry strap. It is one of the solid selections for those who are looking for a new yoga mat. Moreover, its attractive structure captures the attention of clients from a bunch.

There is a minor pure elastic smell when you first unrolled the towel. However, it scattered rapidly after giving it some air. The microfiber upper layer itself is produced using 80% polyester and 20% nylon. 4.1 pounds appears to be adequately light to sack to class, yet there is a more lightweight version of the towel that is just 3 pounds and 1.5 mm thick.

The mat has adjusted corners and feels pretty strong. Its machine-washing support is advantageous, mainly since the mat is structured definitely to absorb sweat. Yet, remember that washing by hand will probably expand your towel’s life span.

While the company highly encourages to hang the mat dry and never to use a machine drier. It’s best to hang your towel dry after training regardless of whether you haven’t washed it. Finally, we can say that it is the reasonable cost of cushion, constancy, and sensitivity to decrease injuries and immediately advance your practice

Features of Yoga Design Lab Towel:

  • You will love that using this yoga mat removes the requirements to carry a mat and towel for exercise.
  • The Yoga Design Lab towel is incredible for what you use it like traveling and hot yoga sessions.
  • It is a lightweight, highly absorbent, and non-slip grip mat. Using it, your balance will be maintained throughout the exercise. 
  • It’s 100% microfiber comes from recycled plastic bottles.
  • The colorful, non-fade, patterned designs are printed with water-based inks and will make you excited to roll out your towel.
  • Extra delicate top microfiber covers your whole mat and creases up for easy travel.
  • It will dry within minutes.
  • You will enjoy its uses for both regular and hot yoga activities.
  • It is the best choice for those who want their yoga mat to be exciting and stunning.
  • The unique surface will support smooth flow; your toes will not lose a layer of skin on the progress between the up canine and down canine. In this way, you can slide from Monkey Pose (hanumanasana) to jump without carrying the mat with you.
Yoga Design Lab
It will amazingly remove the requirements of having a mat.It’s very tricky except if it’s completely dry. However, spraying it with water before class uses works best.
The towel landed with a firm carrying strap. It is not as pleasing as regular mats that are somewhat thicker.
It does not have latex, silicone, lethal gum, and phthalates. 
Yoga design lab towels are highly eco-friendly, environmental, and ecological.
Moreover, you can also simply wash it in your washing machine. 
It comes with rich quality, bright microfiber with additional support whip-stitching for greater lifecycle.  
The additional length also helps to cover your mat fully.
The brand is best for hot yoga, Pilates, and exercise.

Essential Points For Washing:

  • You have to wash the towel in the washing machine with a cleaner on a gentle cycle in cold water.
  • If you want to fast drying, cover the mat in a towel and squeeze out extra water.
  • After washing it thoroughly, you should hang it to dry. 
  • Never compromise to use a machine dryer to dry your mat. 


So there you go. How was the Yoga Design Lab Towel Review? Yoga Design Lab may not fulfill every yogi’s requirement, but it is definitely a good choice. It is reasonably priced and is available on Amazon Prime.

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