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Having a yoga mat is a compulsory yoga accessory for every yogi. I have been a regular yogi for the past three years. It has improved not only my physical health but mental health too. It brings me much-needed peace and comfort, and I love doing yoga. Recently I started doing other meditation exercises too. All of these have been greatly helpful, but sometimes, by lousy sleeping posture or by doing a new technique in the wrong manner, I get backaches, ankle strains, and neck pains too.

Ajna Organic Yoga Mat
Ajna Organic Non Slip Eco Friendly Yoga Mats

 So I was facing some difficulty doing my exercises when a friend suggested I look up Best Yoga Mats. I looked on many e-Stores for Yoga Mats, but they were either expensive, or the quality didn’t seem good enough. I also looked for some yoga mats on Amazon, and there I came across some of the Best Yoga Mats. I ordered two mats, and I am delighted with the quality. The prices were reasonable, and one mat had a lifetime warranty.

Mats are great for restorative yoga exercises. This means that if a part of your body or a limb is hurting, you can place this mat underneath for support. These are soft, comfortable, and provide stable support. Yoga Mats are mostly filled with polyester fiber or some other kinds of wool. This way, their fluffiness lasts for a long time and the mats do not lose their shape or firmness. Yoga Mats are covered with cotton covers which either have a drawstring or a zipper closure. If the cover gets dirty, you can open the zipper and take off the cover. Most of the covers are machine washable, and their color does not fade off.

Furthermore, the covers have a holder, which helps carry the mat with one hand.

The sturdy handle also makes the cushion easily portable, so you can adjust it where you want to. Yoga Mats come in all kinds of colors. You can choose the one you want to, and these are very durable products. These last for long periods and help you in all kinds of meditation techniques.

Toplus Dot Texture Yoga Mat
TOPLUS Dot Texture TPE Exercise Mats

In this article, I will write about all the features of these Best Yoga Mats in detail. So if you are looking for these mats, keep reading this article because it will help you learn a lot about this product. You can order these from Amazon and have a great time doing fun things.

What is a Yoga Mat?

Yoga mats are modified exercise mats that are used for yoga. These are fabricated mats that are often found in yoga classes. Yoga mats are a bit thinner than the standard exercise mats. Yoga mats prevent the yogis’ hands and feet from slipping off during Asana practice of yoga exercises or some other techniques. For this reason, these are also known as sticky mats. Apart from firmness, yoga mats also provide you the traction and cushioning as you pose.

Moreover, yoga mats are a great source to provide insulation between the ground and the human body. As a result, these prevent any loss of heat, energy, or charge from the body to the ground, thereby providing thermo-insulation. Yoga mats are considered necessary for practicing yoga.

Types of Yoga Mats:

There are three types of yoga mats. These include the yoga mats that yogis can use at home, the lightweight yoga mats suitable for travelers, and the third one is yoga towels. The third type is not a yoga mat rather a towel that you place on the mat. It absorbs moisture and sweat and prevents you from slipping. 

Types of Yoga Mats On The Basis Of Material:


Yoga mats are made up of different materials, such as microfiber, natural tree rubber, cork, PVC, and cotton. 


Microfiber yoga mats are the most absorbent ones. These prevent you from slipping away during yoga or other meditation exercises. These also help you keep in one place when your hands get sweaty during intensive yoga sessions such as Ashtanga Yoga and Hot Yoga.

Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat
Aurorae Synergy 2 in 1 Yoga Mat With Microfiber Towel

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Natural Tree Rubber:

Yoga mats made up of natural tree rubber have a great grip. These do not contain any toxins and are biodegradable. Natural tree rubber yoga mats are very durable and comfortable.

Clever Yoga Natural Tree Rubber Yoga Mat
Clever Yoga Natural Tree Rubber Yoga Mat

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Cotton yoga mats are one of the oldest yoga mats. Due to its great absorbency, it has an excellent grip. The drawback of these mats is that they are really thin and quite rough in touch.


PVC is a synthetic plastic polymer. It is made up of chemicals and contains toxins. PVC Yoga Mats are durable and cheap and last for a long time. One drawback is that these do not have sufficient absorbency and get slippery when wet.


Cork yoga mats are made up of natural material and do not contain any toxins. These have antibacterial properties, so they are great for hygiene. But these have a porous structure and get sticky when they are wet. These also start stinking after a while because they absorb the smell of sweat.

How To Choose The Best Yoga Mat?

We have explained a detailed buyer’s guide that one must follow before choosing a yoga mat.


In this article, we discussed the best yoga mats in detail. We talked about their features, pros, and cons. There are plenty of yoga mats of numerous brands available in the market. You can visit any sports store and find one such mat. The store in my neighborhood, which I saw, did not have an optimum quality yoga mat, so I looked at these mats online. And I found the best yoga mats on Amazon. I purchased two mats for myself, and I love the overall quality. These are easy to maintain and very comfortable. Although all yoga mats have similar attributes and the customers have in mind the kind of product they are looking for.

Still, to make things easier and simpler for you, I will be mentioning some critical aspects of the yoga mats in this section. I would recommend you to buy the yoga mats from Amazon as their service is swift, and customer service is also excellent. You can also get a refund in case of a mishap. However, while buying a yoga mat, you should keep the following points in mind.

  • Material: 

The yoga mat material plays a significant role in firmness, durability, and pillow stability. Yoga Mats are made up of microfiber, cotton, cork, PVC, or natural tree rubber. Different materials have different pros and cons. The natural materials do not contain any toxins or chemicals, and some of them have antibacterial properties. But some of these yoga mats do not have any absorbency, so they do not absorb the moisture. As a result, they get slippery and do not offer the same grip as the absorbent ones. So make sure to buy the yoga mat that offers grip and absorbance.

  • Color:

In yoga mats, colors do not matter for most people, but if you are conscious about your interior and color tone, it might interest you. Light-colored yoga mats get dirty more easily, and you have to wash them regularly. Dark-colored Mats, however, accumulate dust without highlighting it. So depending on the color of your rec room, you can choose a color that goes well with it.

  • Weight:

In the case of yoga mats, the light a mat weighs, the easier it is to carry. Less weight makes the yoga mat easily portable, and you can place it wherever you want to. You can also take these yoga mats to yoga classes if you attend them in the studio. A lightweight yoga mat has many benefits, and it is softer and easier to carry than a heavy yoga mat. Most yoga mats weigh between 3 to 4 pounds. Such as Manduka Enlight Yoga Mat weighs only 3.5 Pounds. Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Mat weighs about 4.8 Pounds. These mats are lightweight and very convenient for users.

  • Yoga Mat Firmness:

Yoga mats’ firmness determines the ease with which you can practice yoga. PVC and cork yoga mats are relatively thin. The thinner a yoga mat is, the less comfortable it feels, and most of the time, it also affects the mat’s absorbance. Cotton and microfiber yoga mats are considered good because they are not very thin but very firm. They last for a long time, and their firmness is not affected.

  • Dimensions: 

Most of the yoga mats are 6 feet long and two feet wide. This is a standard measurement of the best yoga mats that many yogis find very convenient. Yoga mats mostly differ in their thickness and weight. Length can vary for yoga mats, so it is better to look for the one that works best for your stature.

Common FAQs About Yoga Mat

  1. What is a yoga mat? 

Yoga mats are special mats that are used for yoga. These are like exercise mats but with lesser thickness. The primary purpose of yoga mats is to prevent the yogi’s hands and feet from slipping. Yoga mats absorb sweat and moisture and provide the yogi with a strong grip.

2. What is the difference between an exercise mat and a yoga mat?

The main difference between yoga and exercise mats is their thickness. Yoga mats are much thinner than exercise mats. Exercise mats protect the body from energy or charge exchanges between the ground and the human body. The thickness of exercise mats ranges between 1 and 3 inches, while yoga mats are only 1 to 1.4 inches thick.

3. Can we work out on the carpet?

 Carpet is usually fine for yoga, meditation, or some other exercises because it protects the body from the ground and absorbs sweat to some extent. But the carpet is not recommended for cardio exercises.

4. What is the difference between a yoga mat and a yoga towel?

A yoga mat is thicker than a yoga towel. Yoga towels are generally used to place on top of yoga mats, and these are used for sweat and moisture absorption. The yoga mat’s thickness ranges between 4 to 8 mm, and it is much sturdier than the yoga towel. Yoga towels do not provide much padding.

5. Can I put a yoga mat on the carpet?

Yes, yoga mats are known for providing increased grip if you place them on the carpet—these help increase absorbance, enhanced padding, and convenient exercise.


In this article, we thoroughly described the best yoga mats. I am hopeful this article will help you choose an excellent yoga mat for yourself. Do let me know in the comments which yoga mat you are going to buy. Thank you for reading. Take Care!

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