Yoga Positions Names: 16 Basic Yoga Pose and Their Benefits

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Beyond flexibility and balance, practicing yoga has different other significant health advantages. According to the research, yoga does everything to combat unease, sadness, and stress to lessen the body’s aggravation. It can even make headaches suck less. Similarly, there are different yoga position names. 

You may feel overpowered by the sheer number of postures and their odd-sounding names being a yoga starter. Cool—your yoga practice is a long-lasting chase, giving you a lot of time to learn scores of poses.

Moreover, striking an inspiring asana (yoga dialect for position) looks incredibly cool. Sometimes your yoga instructor is communicating in an alternate language, which makes it somewhat hard to track.

With Sanskrit names like Utkatasana and Trikonasana, yoga postures may sound much more like spells you would learn at Hogwarts than shapes you can get your body to make.

Different Yoga Positions

As you progress, you can take on other challenging postures. However, it’s a brilliant idea to keep things easy when you’re simply beginning. That’s why here we have mentioned different yoga position’s names with their Sanskrit dialect to keep you confident during your yoga training. 

16 Yoga Position Names With Pictures

1. Bridge – Bandha Sarvangasana

Bridge Bandha Sarvangasana

The Bridge yoga position is a unique front hip joints opener. It will empower your backbone, opens the chest, and advances your spinal adaptability while motivating your thyroid. This posture carries numerous advantages to your body, like alleviation from stress, uneasiness, and sleeping disorder. Moreover, it can also assist with despair.

2. Downward Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana

Downward Dog Adho Mukha Svanasana

The Downward Dog yoga posture increases and opens the spine. It also stretches the hamstrings, supports your arms, blooms your intellect with new oxygen, and peace of mind.

3. Child Pose – Balasana

Child Pose Balasana

The Child Pose is a resting position helpful to release neck, back, and hip stress. During this pose, you ought to have moderate controlled breath, stretched arms, and resting hips. Your forehead should touch the mat. You can generally get back to this posture as it is one of the most therapeutic and soothing positions. 

4. Easy Pose – Sukhasana

Easy Pose Sukhasana

The Easy Pose may appear as a simple posture. However, it has numerous advantages for the body. For instance, it is a hip opener, soothing, and facilitates the feminine pain for ladies, and brings down the degree of tension. While doing the pose, ensure your spine is straightened out. 

5. Warrior 1 – Virabhadrasana I

Warrior 1 Virabhadrasana I

The Warrior I is the best posture for those who have had a chaotic workday and simply need to loosen up their body and mind. This pose will help you to reinforce your legs, open your chest and shoulders. It will also let you do the movements that you don’t do throughout the day, yet they are essential for a good pose and pacific mind. We can say that this pose left tremendous effects on your body. It powers the muscles of your knees and feet. It also extends your shoulders and spine and improves the core interest of the person. 

6. Warrior 2 – Virabhadrasana II- Fron the Yoga Positions Names

Warrior 2  Virabhadrasana II- Fron the Yoga Positions Names

The Warrior II yoga position powers your legs and arms, opens your chest and shoulders, and contracts your stomach organs. During this pose, you should control your breath and focus on the extension of your arms. All this will assist you in increasing your tolerance. Keep yourself self-raised as opposed to falling with your hips. Don’t permit inclination to pull you down and stay strong.

7. Triangle – Trikonasana

Triangle Trikonasana

The Triangle pose improves the adaptability of your spine. It assists with the arrangement of your shoulders and releases back pain and toughness in the neck territory. However, remember you need to rehearse each pose on the left and right site – adjusting your poses is vital. With the exercise of this pose, you will see numerous enhancements, yet particularly for your position.

8. Four-Limbed Staff – Chaturanga

Four Limbed Staff  Chaturanga

The Four-Limbed Staff yoga position powers your arms, wrists, and midsection. Moreover, it is a decent arrangement posture for serious testing arm adjusting position.

9. Chair – Utkatasana

Chair Utkatasana

The Chair yoga position shapes your leg muscles, reinforces your hip flexors, lower legs, calves, and back. It extends the chest and shoulders. It decreases signs of level feet and inspires your heart, stomach, and stomach organs.

10. Tree – Vrksasana- One of the Important Yoga Positions Names

Tree Vrksasana- One of the Important Yoga Positions Names

The Tree yoga posture may appear as another simple position, yet it is not a resting asana. Your back should be extended, and your hips ought to be at one level. Since your strength relies upon your weight’s circulation on your standing leg, ensure you do while preserving and improving your equilibrium.

11. Boat – Navasana

Boat Navasana

The Boat yoga needs to be firm as a boat which implies, straight back, jawline looking forward, while knees and arms are locked. It is not a simple pose. However, it will help you to develop a solid stomach and core straight.

12. Crow pose– Bakasana

Crow Pose Bakasana

The Crow yoga position powers the wrists, lower arms, and mid-region. It will also extend the hamstring. 

13. Arm Balance – Pincha Mayurasana

Arm Balance Pincha Mayurasana

The Arm Balancing yoga presents are a high-level posture. This specific one assists you with the bloodstream all through your body. It relaxes your mind and supports your arms. 

14. Corpse – Savasana


The Corpse yoga posture will recover your mind and body after training. It will also permit you to move your consideration regarding your internal identity. This pose will help to bring down your pulse, lower blood pressure, relax you, and allow your body the chance to absorb the entirety of the advantages you practiced for.

15. King Dancer – Natarajasana- From the Main Yoga Positions Names

King Dancer Natarajasana From the Main Yoga Positions Names

The King Dancer yoga position reinforces your legs, improves equilibrium and main strength. It will also extend your shoulders and enhance your core interest. It is from the most elegant asana.

16. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

This pose will empower the lower back muscles while padding the spine, rear arm muscles and opens the chest to advance the inward breaths. It makes the spine flexible. To perform it, you have to;

  • Lie on your stomach with your feet together and toes level. 
  • Spot your hands downwards beneath your shoulders on the mat. 
  • Lift your abdomen and raise your head while breathing in. 
  • Pull your chest back with the help of your hands. 
  • Keep your elbows straight and ensure you put equivalent focus on the two palms. 
  • Slant your head back and ensure your shoulders are away from your ears. 
  • Breathe out while returning to the ground.

So this yoga positions names and pictures will help you try different poses and also you will learn how to do that. Wanna know about Yoga Tips? Click Here: 20 Best Yoga Tips From Experts

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